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Jun. 12th, 2015 04:21 am
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At the moment, Emizel only owns two Dream Eaters at [community profile] revenance_rpg.

MOXIE ➤ Meow Wow
Rascal Disposition
Moxie was Emizel's very first Spirit. Quite docile, very pacifistic, Moxie had trouble learning how to fight simply due to the fact he was completely afraid of Nightmares, among other things. Whenever or not there was a legit reason for it or if it was a fluke in creation process, Emizel eventually managed to find a way to get Moxie to overcome it. Although even to this day Moxie still doesn't really like battling at all. In fact pretty much once he figured out that he had healing magic he ended up sticking a little closer to that.

However once Moxie got better he certainly became a little less afraid to throw his weight around, quite literally. Adding that to the fact he's easily excitable and affectionate, let's just say he's sometimes a little forgetful how big he actually is. But most of all, he just wants to be helpful and accepted. And making other people happy makes Moxie happy.
VAL ➤ Komory Bat
Saboteur Disposition
No matter how hard Emizel tried he could never get the bat to response to the name Valvatorez, though it worked just fine after he shortened it. And that pretty much sums everything there, Val is kind of an odd case, probably even for other Komory Bats. Unlike Moxie who's typically mild mannered, Val is a bit more disobedient. Certainly not in the malicious kind of way, but lazy, or at the very least, oblivious. For these reasons Emizel tends to use him a little less. Val can still be useful some of the time, it just usually requires a little extra effort for him to start moving.

Also Val seems to love to use just about anything as a perch, especially anything that moves because that means one less thing he has to do instead.
BUSTER ➤ Me Me Bunny
Hopper Disposition
Emizel's first female Spirit, and really hates to be called otherwise. Emizel's relationship with Buster has not really been an easy one. She's stubborn, and has a superiority complex. These two things combined have made her a pretty awful team player despite the fact she is Emizel's strongest current member(in rank, anyway). Even Nightmares she won't fight regularly since she feels higher up compared to them.

All that said though, Buster is in a way nothing more than a tsundere. The high ego is more or less her excuse not to battle; the truth is, she kind of doesn't really understand completely how yet. She has also been known (and seen) to get frighten in some situations as well. Her lack of trust in anyone else probably help neither of these too. For her to really trust somebody she first needs to be impressed by them, and what impresses her most is strength. Although, she might warm up to others in other ways too.
MALENZIO ➤ Hebby Repp
Serpent Disposition
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Maybe it is pointless. I should be trying to move forward, not waste time doing this.
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((This is just another information dump (hopefully the last one for awhile) on pretty much everything else that doesn't already fit into another category. Most things here is headcanon, so in other words, 99% of it is just bullshit.))

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More stuff will be added as time goes on.
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[This message seemed like it was... posted awfully early in the morning. Before sunrise at least. Or whatever you wanted to call it.]

... I hate snow.

[The weather had to be the explanation for all this, it had to be]

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Sep. 24th, 2011 11:21 pm
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If there's anything you think I need improvement on say it here. After all if you don't tell me, it possibly won't change. Or if there's just something you want to complement on, that's fine too! In fact I like those more.

Plotting is also welcomed here too (so that I don't need to make a hundred ooc posts for everything). Basically if there's anything at all you wanna ask or tell me about, and you can't get ahold of me anywhere else for some reason, leave a message below and I'll hopefully get back to it.

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